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Need A Woman

Bob Dylan © 1982 Special Rider Music

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27 Apr 1981

  Shot Of Love session 9, United Western Studio, Los Angeles CA - 27.apr.1981  

It's been rainin' on my roof all day and i'm soakin' wet
My heart feels like it is on fire, but my clothes ain't burnin' yet
Searchin' for the truth
But the real truth is that i may be afraid to find it

Oh, i need a woman, alright
Need a woman every night
To lay with me an' see me as i am
Show me the kind of love that don't have to be condemned
An' i want you to be that woman

I've had my eyes on you, baby, for five long years
You probably don't me at all, but i've seen your laughter an' i've seen your tears
Can i talk to you directly? Must i ignore you?
Do i take you far away by force, or can i hold a stirrup for you?

Oh, i need a woman, don't i?
Need a woamn, bring it home safe now
I've seen you in the sunshine, i've seen you in the rain
I've seen you sittin' in a park, seen all the violent pain
An' i want you to be that woman

You can believe anything you want to, long as you won't believe in what's wrong
That unseen eye is watchin' you, got to be cool all day long
That which is not permanent don't last
The future just looks back an' laughs at the past

Oh, i need a woman, ain't no joke
Need a woman like fire an' smoke
Someone who likes simple things, is not afraid to bend
Someone who don't make herself up just to be seen by other men
An' i want you to be that woman

I looked into the mirror this morning, i seen a man with no face
I covered my eyes, i looked back again but all i saw was an empty space
Well, rebellion in my soul, why was it created?
To blur the purpose of my eyes an' keep me isolated

Oh i need a woman, ain't no crime
Need a woman all the time
Midnight on the desert in the belly of a futile world
In a house that shines on the side of the hill
Goin' up with boys an' girls
An' i want you to be that woman
Be that woman  up

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27 Apr 1981 1 THE BOOTLEG SERIES Vol. 3