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Rhino R2 167868,

Dave Stewart Studios, LA, California , May 7 / 17, 1988
and in Wilbury Mountain studio Bel Air, Los Angeles, April 1990

released June 12th, 2007

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A1 Handle With Care 7/17 May 1988 Disc 1
A2 Dirty World  
A3 Rattled  
A4 Last Night  
A5 Not Alone Anymore  
A6 Congratulations  
A7 Heading For The Light  
A8 Margarita  
A9 Tweeter And The Monkey Man  
A10 End Of The Line  
A11 Maxine  
A12 Like A Ship  
B1 The True History Of The Traveling Wilburys 2007 DVD Disc 2
B2 Handle With Care video 1988 
B3 End Of The LIne Video 1988 
B4 She's My Baby video 1990 
B5 Inside Out video 1990 
B6 Wilbury Twist video 1990 
C1 She's My Baby Apr 1990 Disc 3
C2 Inside Out  
C3 If You Belonged To Me  
C4 Devil's Been Busy  
C5 7 Deadly Sins  
C6 Poor House  
C7 Where Were You Last Night?  
C8 Cool Dry Place  
C9 New Blue Moon  
C10 You Took My Breath Away  
C11 Wilbury Twist  
C12 Nobody's Child  
C13 Runaway  

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