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Columbia Legacy 88875016122, Playing Time 59'/68'/70'/66'/72'/61'

recorded in Byrdcliffe NY, March-May 1967, West Saugerties NY, May-October 1967
and in Woodstock NY, October 1967

released November 3rd, 2014

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1-1Edge of the Ocean Mar/May 1967prev. uncirc.
1-2My Bucket's Got a Hole in It prev. uncirc.
1-3Roll on Train prev. uncirc.
1-4Mr. Blue Mar/May 1967prev. uncirc.
1-5Belshazzar May/Oct 1967
1-6I Forgot to Remember to Forget
1-7You Win Again
1-8Still in Town, Still Around
1-9Waltzing with Sin May/Oct 1967
1-10Big River #1
1-11Big River #2
1-12Folsom Prison Blues
1-13Bells of Rhymney May/Oct 1967
1-14Spanish is the Loving Tongue Mar/May 1967
1-15Under Control
1-16Ol' Roison The Beau
1-17I'm Guilty of Loving You
1-18Cool Water
1-19The Auld Triangle
1-20Poor Lazarus Mar/May 1967
1-21I'm a Fool for You May/Oct 1967#1
1-22I'm a Fool for You May/Oct 1967#2

2-1Johnny Todd Mar/May 1967
2-2Tupelo May/Oct 1967
2-3Kickin' My Dog Around
2-4See You Later, Allen Ginsberg #1
2-5See You Later, Allen Ginsberg #2
2-6Tiny Montgomery = THE BASEMENT TAPES
2-7Big Dog prev. uncirc.
2-8I Am Your Teenage Prayer
2-9Four Strong Winds
2-10The French Girl #1
2-11The French Girl #2
2-12Joshua Gone Barbados
2-13I'm in the Mood For Love
2-14Baby Ain't That Fine May/Oct 1967
2-15Rock Salt and Nails Mar/May 1967
2-16A Fool Such As I May/Oct 1967
2-17Song For Canada
2-18People Get Ready
2-19I Don't Hurt Anymore
2-20Be Careful of Stones That You Throw
2-21One Man's Loss
2-22Lock Up Your Door
2-23Baby, Won't You be My Baby
2-24Try Me Little Girl
2-25I Can't Make it Alone
2-26Don't You Try Me Now May/Oct 1967

3-1A Long Time A-Growing May/Oct 1967
3-2Bonnie Ship the Diamond
3-3Trail of the Buffalo
3-4Down on Me
3-5One For the Road
3-6I'm Alright
3-7Million Dollar Bash #1
3-8Million Dollar Bash = THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-9Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread #1
3-10Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread May/Oct 1967= THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-11I'm Not There (1956) = I'M NOT THERE (Music From The Motion Picture)
3-12Please Mrs. Henry May/Oct 1967= THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-13Down in the Flood #1
3-14Down in the Flood = THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-15Lo and Behold #1
3-16Lo and Behold = THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-17You Ain't Goin' Nowhere #1
3-18You Ain't Goin' Nowhere May/Oct 1967= THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-19I Shall be Released Oct 1967#1 prev. uncirc.
3-20I Shall be Released Oct 1967= THE BOOTLEG SERIES Vol. 2
3-21This Wheel's on Fire May/Oct 1967= THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-22Too Much of Nothing = THE BASEMENT TAPES
3-23Too Much of Nothing May/Oct 1967#2

4-1Tears of Rage May/Oct 1967#1
4-2Tears of Rage #2
4-3Tears of Rage = THE BASEMENT TAPES
4-4Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) July 1967#1
4-5Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) July 1967= BIOGRAPH
4-6Open the Door, Homer May/Oct 1967= THE BASEMENT TAPES
4-7Open the Door, Homer #2
4-8Open the Door, Homer #3
4-9Nothing Was Delivered = THE BASEMENT TAPES
4-10Nothing Was Delivered #2
4-11Nothing Was Delivered #3, excerpt
4-12All American Boy
4-13Sign on the Cross
4-14Odds and Ends #1
4-15Odds and Ends = THE BASEMENT TAPES
4-16Get Your Rocks Off
4-17Clothes Line Saga = THE BASEMENT TAPES
4-18Apple Suckling Tree #1
4-19Apple Suckling Tree May/Oct 1967= THE BASEMENT TAPES
4-20Don't Ya Tell Henry Oct 1967
4-21Bourbon Street May/Oct 1967prev. uncirc. (as complete)

5-1Blowin' in the Wind May/Oct 1967prev. uncirc.
5-2One Too Many Mornings prev. uncirc.
5-3A Satisfied Mind prev. uncirc.
5-4It Ain't Me Babe prev. uncirc.
5-5Ain't No More Cane #1 prev. uncirc.
5-6Ain't No More Cane #2 prev. uncirc.
5-7My Woman She's A-Leavin' prev. uncirc.
5-8Santa-Fe Oct 1967= THE BOOTLEG SERIES Vol. 2
5-9Mary Lou, I Love You Too prev. uncirc.
5-10Dress it up, Better Have it All prev. uncirc.
5-12Silent Weekend Oct 1967prev. uncirc.
5-13What's it Gonna be When it Comes Up May/Oct 1967prev. uncirc.
5-14900 Miles From Home May/Oct 1967#1 prev. uncirc.
5-15Wildwood Flower Oct 1967
5-16See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
5-17She'll be Coming Round the Mountain May/Oct 1967
5-18It's the Flight of the Bumblebee Oct 1967
5-19Wild Wolf May/Oct 1967prev. uncirc.
5-20Goin' to Acapulco = THE BASEMENT TAPES
5-21Gonna Get You Now
5-22If I Were A Carpenter May/Oct 1967prev. uncirc.
5-23Confidential to Me Mar/May 1967#1
5-24All You Have to do is Dream Oct 1967#1
5-25All You Have to do is Dream Oct 1967#2

6-12 Dollars and 99 Cents Mar/May 1967prev. uncirc.
6-2Jelly Bean #2 prev. uncirc.
6-3Any Time prev. uncirc.
6-4Down by the Station prev. uncirc.
6-5Hallelujah, I've Just Been Moved prev. uncirc.
6-6That's the Breaks prev. uncirc.
6-7Pretty Mary prev. uncirc.
6-8Will the Circle be Unbroken? prev. uncirc.
6-9The King of France
6-10She's on My Mind Again Mar/May 1967prev. uncirc.
6-11Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad May/Oct 1967
6-12On a Rainy Afternoon Mar/May 1967
6-13I Can't Come in with a Broken Heart Mar/May 1967
6-14Next Time on the Highway Mar/May 1967
6-15Northern Claim prev. uncirc.
6-16Love is Only Mine prev. uncirc.
6-18Bring it on Home
6-19Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies Mar/May 1967
6-20The Spanish Song May/Oct 1967#1
6-21The Spanish Song May/Oct 1967#2
6-22900 Miles From Home May/Oct 1967#2
6-23Confidential To Me May/Oct 1967#2

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