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TRAVELIN' THRU 1967-1969

Columbia Legacy 19075981932, Playing Time 43'/53'/39'

recorded October, November 1967: JOHN WESLEY HARDING sessions (JWH),
February 1969: NASHVILLE SKYLINE (NS) sessions and Nashville DYLAN/CASH (D/C) sessions
and May 17, 1969 Earl Scruggs Documentary

released November 1st, 2019

1-1Drifter's Escape17 Oct 1967JWH session 1 take 1
1-2I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine17 Oct 1967take 2
1-3All Along the Watchtower6 Nov 1967JWH session 2 take 3
1-4John Wesley Hardingtake 1
1-5As I Went Out One Morningtake 1
1-6I Pity the Poor Immigranttake 4
1-7I Am a Lonesome Hobo6 Nov 1967take 4
1-8I Threw It All Away 113 Feb 1969NS session 2 take 1
1-9To Be Alone with You 1take 1
1-10Lay Lady Laytake 2
1-11One More Nighttake 2
1-12Western Road13 Feb 1969take 1
1-13Peggy Day14 Feb 1969NS session 3 take 1
1-14Tell Me That It Isn't Truetake 2
1-15Country Pie14 Feb 1969take 2

2-1I Still Miss Someone 117 Feb 1969NS session 4 take 5
2-2Don't Think Twice, It's All Right / Understand Your Manrehearsal
2-3One Too Many Mornings18 Feb 1969D/C session take 3
2-4Mountain Dew 1take 1
2-5Mountain Dew 2take 2
2-6I Still Miss Someone 2take 2
2-7Careless Lovetake 1
2-8Matchboxtake 1
2-9That's All Right, Mamatake 1
2-10Mystery Train / This Train Is Bound for Glorytake 1
2-11Big Rivertake 1
2-12Girl From The North Country 1rehearsal
2-13Girl From The North Country 2take 1
2-14I Walk The Linetake 2
2-15Guess Things Happen That Way 1rehearsal
2-16Guess Things Happen That Way 2take 3
2-17Five Feet High And Risingtake 1
2-18You Are My Sunshinetake 1
2-19Ring Of Fire 1take 1

3-1Studio Chatter by Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash18 Feb 1969D/C session
3-2Wanted Mantake 1
3-4Just A Closer Walk With Theetake 1
3-5Jimmie Rodgers Medley No 1take 1
3-6Jimmie Rodgers Medley No 218 Feb 1969take 2
3-7I Threw It All Away 21 May 1969The Johnny Cash Show
3-8Living The BluesThe Johnny Cash Show
3-9Girl From The North Country 3The Johnny Cash Show
3-10Ring Of Fire 23 May 1969outtake
3-11Folsom Prison Blues3 May 1969outtake
3-12Earl Scruggs Interview17 May 1970rec. in Carmel, NY
3-13East Virginia Blues
3-14To Be Alone With You 2
3-15Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance

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