Books by alphabetical order

 Alias Anything You Please (Rex Collections)

by Ty Silkman, Reynolds & Hearn Ltd, 2008. ,  176pp
 Alias Bob Dylan

by Stephen Scobie, Red Deer College, 1991. pb,  192pp
 All across the Telegraph: A Bob Dylan Handbook

by John Bauldie, Michael Gray (ed), Futura, 1988. pb,  296pp
 The Ballad of Bob Dylan: A Portrait

by Daniel Mark Epstein, Souvenir Press, 2011. hc,  494pp
 Bargainin' For Salvation: Bob Dylan, a zen master?

by Steven Heine, Continuum, 2009. pb,  270pp
 Behind Closed Doors: The Recording Sessions [1960-1994]

by Clinton Heylin, Penguin, 1996. pb,  246pp
 Behind the Shades: The 20th Anniversary Edition

by Clinton Heylin, Faber and Faber, 2011. pb,  902pp
 Behind The Shades: The Biography

by Clinton Heylin, Penguin, 1991. pb,  528pp
 Behind The Shades: The Biography Take Two

by Clinton Heylin, Penguin, 2001. pb,  780pp
 Blood on the Tracks: The Story of Bob Dylan

by Chris Rowley, Proteus Books, 1984. pb,  157pp
 Bob Dylan

by Sylvain Vanot, Librio Musique, 2001. pb, pp
 Bob Dylan

by Daniel Kramer, Pocket Books, 1968. pb,  212pp
 Bob Dylan (Icons of Pop Music)

by Keith Negus, Equinox, 2008. pb,  172pp
 Bob Dylan And Philosophy: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Thinking)

by Peter Vernezze, Carl J. Porter (eds), Open Court, 2006. pb, pp
 Bob Dylan and William Shakespeare: The True Performing of It

by Andrew Muir, Red Planet, 2019. pb, 368pp
 Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight Festival 1969

by Bill Bradshaw, Medina Publishing, 2019. pb, 191pp
 Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus: Writings 1968-2010

by Greil Marcus, PublicAffairs, 2010. ,  483pp
 Bob Dylan In America

by Sean Wilentz, Botley Head Ltd, 2010. ,  390pp
 Bob Dylan In Hell: Songs in Dialogue with Dante - part 1

by Luca Grossi, Arcana, 2018. pb, 126pp
 Bob Dylan In His Own Words

by Chris Williams (ed), Omnibus Press, 1993. pb,  112pp
 Bob Dylan In His Own Words

by  Miles (ed), Omnibus Press, 1978. pb,  83pp
 Bob Dylan Performing Artist 1960 * 1973 The Early Years

by Paul Williams, Omnibus Press, 1994. pb,  310pp
 Bob Dylan Performing Artist 1974 * 1986 The Middle Years

by Paul Williams, Omnibus Press, 1994. pb,  334pp
 Bob Dylan Performing Artist 1986 * 1990 & Beyond, Mind Out Of Time

by Paul Williams, Omnibus Press, 2004. ,  384pp
 Bob Dylan Prophet, Mystic, Poet

by Seth Rogovoy, Simon & Schuster, Scribner, 2009. ,  324pp
 Bob Dylan Revisited, 13 chansons en bande dessinée

by  dessinateurs de BD, Delcourt, 2008. hb,  104pp
 Bob Dylan Watching the River Flow, Observations on his art-in-progress, 1966 * 1995

by Paul Wiliams, Omnibus Press, 1996. pb,  255pp
 Bob Dylan, A Retrospective

by Craig McGregor (ed), Morrow Editions, 1972. pb,  408pp
 Bob Dylan: Blottingpaper man

by Ben Cruickshank, Agenda Ltd, 1995. A5,  94pp
 Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back

by D.A. Pennebaker, Ballantine Books, 1968. pb, 160pp
 Bob Dylan: Forever Young

by  LIFE (ed), LIFE Books, 2012. hc,  96pp
 Bob Dylan: Like a Complete Unknown

by David Yaffe, Yale Univ. Press, 2011. hc,  168pp
 Bob Dylan: Man in the long black coat

by Ben Cruickshank, Agenda Ltd, 1995. A5,  84pp
 Bob Dylan: Nothing but mystery

by Colin Waters, Argyll Publishing, 2010. pb,  128pp
 Bob Dylan: Sa vie et sa musique

by Robert Shelton, Rock & Folk, 1987. pb,  568pp
 Bob Dylan: Strangers And Prophets, CD Boots Volume 1

by Phil Townsend, Next2Last publications, 1992. pb, pp
 Bob Dylan: Strangers And Prophets, CD Boots Volume 2

by Phil Townsend, Next2Last publications, 1994. pb, pp
 Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Star

by Lee Marshall, Polity, 2007. pb,  308pp
 Bob Dylan: The Stories Behind the Songs 1962-1969

by Andy Gill, Carlton Books, 2011. pb,  208pp
 The Brazil Series

by Bob Dylan,  Prestel, 2010. hc,  192pp
 The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan

by Kevin J.H. Dettmar (ed), Cambridge University press, 2009. pb,  185pp
 Chimes Of Freedom: The Politics in Bob Dylan's art

by Mike Marqusee, New Press, 2003. , pp
 Chronicles Volume 1

by Bob Dylan, Simon & Schuster, 2005. ,  293pp
 Chroniques volume 1

by Bob Dylan,  Folio, 2005. pb,  392pp
 Do You, Mr Jones? Bob Dylan with the Poets and Professors

by Neil Corcoran (ed), Pimlico, 2003. pb,  378pp
 The Double Life of Bob Dylan Vol. 1: 1941-1966 - A Restless Hungry Feeling

by Clinton Heylin, Bodley Head, 2021. hc, 528pp
 Down the Highway: The life of Bob Dylan

by Howard Sounes, Black Swan, 2002. pb, pp
 Dylan (Music Icons)

by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees (eds), Taschen, 2009. pb,  192pp
 The Dylan Companion

by Elizabeth Thomson, David Gutman (eds), Papermac, 1990. pb, pp
 The Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966

by Joanna Price (design), Simon & Schuster, 2005. hb,  63pp
 Dylan, A Biography

by Bob Spitz, Michael Joseph, Penguin Group, 1989. , pp
 Dylan: Visions, Portraits, And Back Pages

by Mark Blake, MOJO, 2005. hb,  288pp
 Dylan's Visions Of Sin

by Christopher Ricks, Viking, Penguin, 2003. ,  517pp
 A Freewheelin' Time

by Suze Rotolo, Aurum Press, 2009. pb,  371pp
 Galileo's Mathbook

by Phil Townsend, Next2Last publications, 1996. a4-binders, pp
 Highway 61 Revisited (Legendary Sessions)

by Colin Irwin, Flame Tree, 2008. pb,  254pp
 Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan's Road From Minnesota To The World

by Colleen J. Sheehy, Thomas Swiss, University of Minnesota Press, 2009. pb,  278pp
 Une Histoire Illustrée

by Michael Gross, Rock & Folk, 1978. ,  160pp
 Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric: The Lost Manuscript

by Bob Dylan, Barry Feinstein, Simon & Schuster, 2008. ,  140pp
 The Illustrated Record

by Alan Rinzler, Harmony books, 1978. ,  120pp
 L'Intégrale des années 60, Bob Dylan 1962-69 Classic Bob Dylan 1962-1969 My Back Pages

by Andy Gill, Hors Collection, 1998. ,  144pp
 Invisible Republic : Bob Dylan's Basement tapes

by Greil Marcus, Picador, 1998. pb,  280pp
 Keys to the Rain: The Definitive Bob Dylan Encyclopedia

by Oliver Trager, Billboard books, 2004. , pp
 A Life in Stolen Moments: Bob Dylan day by day: 1941-1995

by Clinton Heylin,  , 1996. ,  403pp
 Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the crossroads

by Greil Marcus, Faber & Faber, 2005. ,  284pp
 Like the Night (Revisited): Bob Dylan and the road to the Manchester Free Trade Hall

by CP Lee, Helter Skelter Publishing, 2004. pb,  224pp
 The Mammoth Book of Bob Dylan

by Sean Egan (ed), Robinson Running Press, 2011. pb,  518pp
 A Man Called Alias

by Richard Williams, Bloomsbury, 1992. ,  192pp
 Master of the Tracks: The Bob Dylan Reference Book Of Recording

by Michael Krogsgaard, Scandinavian Soc. Rock Research, 1988. pb,  800pp
 Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, The Band, And the Basement Tapes

by Sid Griffin, Jawbone press, 2007. pb,  336pp
 Musician In The Wind

by Milton Keynes, Filiquarian Publishing / Biographiq, 2008. pb,  103pp
 No Direction Home: The life and music of Bob Dylan

by Robert Shelton, Penguin, 1986. pb,  573pp
 Oh No, Not Another Bob Dylan Book

by John Bauldie, Patrick Humfries, Square One, 1991. A4,  240pp
 The Old, Weird America: The world of Bob Dylan's Basement tapes

by Greil Marcus, Picador, 1997. pb,  293pp
 On the Road with Bob Dylan: Rolling with the thunder

by Larry Sloman, Bantam Books, 1978. pb,  414pp
 Once Upon A Time: The Lives Of Bob Dylan

by Ian Bell, Mainstream Publishing, 2012. hc,  590pp
 Out Of The Dark Woods: Dylan, Depression And Faith

by Dr. A.T. Bradford, Templehouse Publishing, 2011. pb,  247pp
 Poem to Joanie

by Bob Dylan, Aloes (ed. limit to 300), 1970. leaflet,  16pp
 The Political Art of Bob Dylan (second enlarged edition)

by David Boucher, Gary Browning (eds), Imprint-academic, 2009. pb,  285pp
 Positively 4th street: The lives and times of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mimi Baez Fariña & Richard Fariña

by David Hajdu, Bloomsbury, 2001. pb,  327pp
 Positively Main Street: An unorthodox view of Bob Dylan

by Toby Thompson, New English Library, 1972. pb,  158pp
 Positively Main Street: Bob Dylan's Minnesota (Revised edition)

by Toby Thompson, University of Minnesota Press, 2008. pb,  215pp
 Real Moments

by Barry Feinstein, Omnibus Press, 2009. ,  156pp
 Restless Pilgrim: The spiritual journey of Bob Dylan

by Scott M. Marshall, Marcia Ford, Relevant books, 2002. pb,  188pp
 Revolution in the Air: The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol. 1: 1957-73

by Clinton Heylin, Constable, 2009. ,  482pp
 The Rolling Thunder Logbook

by Sam Shepard, Santuary, 2005. ,  380pp
 The Rough Guide to Bob Dylan 2nd edition

by Nigel Williamson, Rough Guides, 2006. ,  321pp
 Series of Dream: The vision songs of Bob Dylan

by John Burns, Glen Murray Publishing, 2009. pb,  136pp
 Shelter From the Storm

by Sid Griffin, Jawbone Press, 2010. pb,  254pp
 A Simple Twist of Fate: Bob Dylan and the Making of Blood on the tracks

by Andy Gill, Kevin Odegard, Da Capo, 2004. ,  246pp
 Song & Dance Man III: The Art of Bob Dylan

by Michael Gray, Continuum, 2000. pb,  918pp
 Song of the North Country: A midwest framework to the songs of Bob Dylan

by David Pichaske, Continuum, 2010. pb,  360pp
 Still on the Road: The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol. 2: 1974-2008

by Clinton Heylin, Constable, 2010. ,  546pp
 Studio A: The Bob Dylan reader

by Benjamin Hedin, W.W.Norton & Co, 2004. ,  336pp
 Surviving in a Ruthless World: Bob Dylan's Voyage to Infidels

by Terry Gans, Red Planet, 2020. hc, 265pp
 Tangled Up in the Bible: Bob Dylan and Scripture

by Michael J. Gilmour, Continuum, 2004. pb,  146pp

by Bob Dylan, 10|18, 1972. pb,  187pp
 That Thin, Wild Mercury Sound

by Daryl Sanders, Chicago Review Press, 2019. hc, 240pp
 Troubadour: Early & late songs of Bob Dylan

by Andrew Muir, Woodstock Publications, 2003. pb,  331pp
 Trouble In Mind - Bob Dylan's Gospel Years - What Really Happened

by Clinton Heylin, Lesser Gods, 2017. pb, 320pp
 Wanted Man: In search of Bob Dylan

by John Bauldie (ed), Penguin books, 1992. pb,  258pp
 Who is that Man? In Search of the Real Bob Dylan

by David Dalton, Omnibus Press, 2012. pb,  383pp
 Why Dylan Matters

by Richard F. Thomas, William Collins, 2018. pb, 356pp
 Woody Allen, Bob Dylan And Me: A Memoir

by Julius Kuney, Trafford, 2006. pb,  208pp
 The World of Bob Dylan

edited by Sean Latham, Cambridge University Press, 2021. pb, 351pp
 Writings and Drawings

by Bob Dylan, Knopf, 1973. , pp
 You Lose Yourself, You Reappear : Bob Dylan And The Voices of a Lifetime

by Paul Morley, Simon & Schuster, 2021. hc, 265pp
 H ZΩH MOY (2005 Agenda)

by Hilda Papadimitriou, METAIXMIO, 2004. agenda,  75pp