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Eileen Aroon

Traditional Gaelic

15 June 1988

Live, Fiddlers Green, Denver CO - 15.jun.1988  

There is a valley fair
Eileen Aroon
There is a cottage there
Eileen Aroon
Far in the valley shade I know a tender maid
Flow'r of the hazel glade, Eileen Aroon.

Were she no longer true
Eileen Aroon
What would her lover do
Eileen Aroon
Fly with a broken chain
far cross the sounding main
Never to love again, Eileen Aroon.

Who in the time so fleet
Eileen Aroon
Who in the song so sweet
Eileen Aroon
Dearer her charms to me
dearer her laughter free
Dearer her constancy
Eileen Aroon.

Youth will in time decay
Eileen Aroon
Beauty must fade away
Eileen Aroon
Castles are sacked in war
chieftains are scattered far
Truth is a fixed star
Eileen Aroon.

Additional first verse

When, like the dawning day
Eileen Aroon
Love sends his early ray
Eileen Aroon.
What makes his dawning glow
Changeless through joy and woe
Only the constant know
Eileen Aroon.  

Recording dates & record list

15 June 1988 1 GOLDEN VANITY (cd bootleg)