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Father Of Night

Bob Dylan © 1970 Big Sky Music

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5 June 1970

  New Morning recording session 6, Columbia Studios, NYC - 5.jun.1970, take 11  

Father of night, father of day
Father who taketh the darkness away
Father who teacheth the bird to fly
Builder of rainbows up in the sky
Father of loneliness an' pain
Father of love an' father of rain.

Father of day, father of night
Father of black, father of white
Father who buildeth the mountains so high
Who shapeth the clouds up in the sky
Father of time, father of dreams
Father who turneth the rivers an' streams.

Father of grain, father of wheat
Father of cold, father of heat
Father of air, father of trees
Who dwelleth in our hearts an' our memories
Father of minutes, father of days
Father of whom we most solemnly praise .

 Recording dates & record list

5 June 1970 1 NEW MORNING