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Female Ramblin' Sailor


3 Apr 1992

Come all you maids both near and far
And listen to my ditty. 
'Twas near Gravesend there lived a maid,
She was so neat and pretty.

Her true love he was pressed away
And drowned in some foreign sea,
Which caused this fair maid to say
"I'll be a rambling sailor."

With trousers blue and jacket white,
Just like a sailor neat and tight,
The sea it was the heart's delight
Of the female rambling sailor.

From stem to stem she freely goes
Braves all dangers, fears no foes.
Soon you shall hear of the overthrow
Of the female rambling sailor.

Never did her courage fail,
'Twas stormy seas and wintery gales,
This fair maiden did prevail,
This female rambling sailor.

From stem to stem she freely went
Where oft times she'd been many.
Her hand did slip and down she fell
She calmly bad this world farewell.

When her lily white breast in sight it came
It appeared to be a female's frame.
Rebecca Young, it was the name
Of the female rambling sailor.

May the willows wave around her grave
And round the laurels planted.
May the roses sweet grow at her feet
Of the one who was undaunted.

On the River Thames she's known quite well
No sailor there could her excel
Let one tear fall as the last farewell
To the female rambling sailor. 

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3 Apr 1992 1 GOLDEN VANITY (b)