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Go Away You Bomb

Poem by Bob Dylan © 1962

Go away you Bomb get away go away
Fast right now fast quick you get me sick
My good gal don' like you none an' the kids on my corner are sacred a' you
An' my friends 're gettin headaches that split an' spit an'
That kind a feelin' is rubbin' off on me an' I don' like it none too good
I hate the letters in yer word - B that means bad yer so bad that even
A dead hog in the sun would get up an' run O that stands for orrible
Yer so orrible that the word drops it's first letter and runs  M
that stands for morgue an' all them folks in it 're feelin' lucky an' I don't
Mind folks feelin' lucky but I hate that feelin' of envy an' sometimes when
I get to thinkin' about how lucky they are I get envicious
of 'm an' that's a bad lonesome feelin' too B - that means bad but that's
The second time 'round so it's twice as bad

I hate you cause you make my life seem like nothin' at all
I hate you cause yer name's lost it's meaning an' you can fool anybody now
I hate you cause yer man made and man owned an' man handled
An' you might be missmade an' miss-owned an' miss handled an' even miss used
An' I hate you cause you could drop on me by accident an' kill me
An' I never liked yuh anyway - I'm against yuh to begin with
An' I hate you twice as much as Jimm Crow hates me

I want that bomb - I want it hangin' out a' my pocket an' danglin'
On my keychain - I want it strapped to my belt buckle -
I want it stickin' out a' my boot
I want it fallin' out a' my sock
I wanna wear it on my wedding finger an' I wanna tie it with bandanas
To my head

I want that Bomb -
I want it settin in my mouth like a cigar
I want it stickin from my ears like a carrot
I wanna look in the mirror an' see it in my eyes
I want one in both hands
I want two in both arms
I want that bomb to be hangin' an' hurtin' an' shinin' an' burnin'
I want it glowing and backbiting - and whistling an' side winding
I want it showin' all over my living self
I want it breathin' from every porthole
I want it blowin' from every pore
I want it weightin' me down so I can't even walk right
I wanna get up in the mornin' an scare the day right out a' it's dawn
Then I walk into the White House an' say "DIG YOURSELVES".  up