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Mary Ann


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2 June 1970

  New Morning recording session 3, Columbia Studios, NYC - 2.jun.1970  

Oh fare thee well my own true love
Fare thee well but for a while
The ship is waitin' an' the wind blows high
An' i am bound away for the sea, Mary Ann.

Ten thousand miles away from home
Ten thousand miles or more
The sea may freeze an' the earth may burn
If i never no more return to you, Mary Ann.

Oh don't you see that crow that flies high
She'll surely turn to white
If i ever prove false to you
Let the day turn to night, my dear Mary Ann.

If i had a flask of gin an' sugar here for two
An' a great big bowl for to mix it in
I'd pour a drink for you, my dear Mary Ann
Yes i'd pour a drink for you, my dear Mary Ann.

Recording dates & record list

May 1960 I WAS SO MUCH YOUNGER THEN Vol. 2 (Ten Thousand For A Tape) (b)
2 June 1970 1 DYLAN