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No Time To Think

Bob Dylan © 1978 Special Rider Music

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27 Apr 1978

Street~Legal session 3, Rundown Studios, Santa Monica Ca - 27.apr.1978, album version  

In death you face life
With a child an' a wife
Who sleep-walks thru your dreams into walls
You're a soldier of mercy
You're cold an' you curse "He
who cannot be trusted must fall."

Loneliness, tenderness
High society, notoriety
You fight for the throne
An' you travel alone
Unknown as you slowly sink
An' there's no time to think.

In the federal city
You been blown an' shown pity
In secret for pieces of change
The empress attracts you
But oppression distracts you
An' it makes you feel violent an' strange.

Memory, ecstasy
Tyranny, hypocrisy
Betrayed by a kiss
On a cool night of bliss
In the valley of the missin' link
An' you've no time to think.

Judges will haunt you
The country priestess will want you
Her worst is better than best
I've seen all decoys
Thru a set of deep turquoise
Eyes, an' i feel so depressed.

China doll, alcohol
Duality, mortality
Mercury rules you
An' destiny fools you
Like the plaque with a dangerous wink
An' there's no time to think.

Your conscience betrayed you
When the same tyrant way-laid you
When the lion lies down with the lamb
I'd 've paid the traitor
An' killed him much later
But that's just the way that i am.

Paradise, sacrifice
Mortality, reality
But the magician is quicker
An' his game is much thicker
Than blood an' blacker than ink
An' there's no time to think.

Anger an' jealousy's
All that he sells us, he's
Content when you're under his thumb
Madmen oppose you
You kindness throws him
To survive it you play deaf an' dumb.

Equality, liberty
Humility, simplicity
You glance thru the mirror
An' there's eyes starin' clear
At the back of your head as you drink
An' there's no time to think.

Warlords of sorrow
An' queens of tomorrow
Will offer their heads for a prayer
You can't find no salvation
Have no expectations
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Mercury, gravity
Nobility, humility
You know you can't keep her
An' the water gets deeper
That is leadin' you onto the brink
An' there's no time to think.

You've murdered your vanity
Bummed your sanity
For pleasure you must now resist
Lovers obey you
But they cannot sway you
They're not even sure you exist.

Socialism, hypnotism
Patriotism, materialism
Fools makin' laws
For the breakin' of jaws
An' the sound of the keys as they clink
An' there's no time to think.

The bridge that you travel on
Goes to the Babylon
Girl with the rose in her hair
Starlight in the east
You're finally released
You're stranded but with nothin' to share.

Loyalty, unity
Epitome, rigidity
You turn around for one reel
Last glimpse of Camille
'Neath the moon shinin' bloody an' pink
An' there's no time to think.

Bullets can harm you
An' death can disarm you
But no you will not be deceived
Stripped of all virtue
As you crawl thru the dirt, you
Can give but you cannot receive.

No time to choose when the truth must die
No time to lose or say goodbye
No time to prepare
For the victim that's there
No time to suffer of blink
An' no time to think.  

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27 Apr 1978 1 STREET LEGAL