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The Times We've Known

Charles Aznavour

1 Nov 1998

Madison Square Gardens, New York City, NY - 1.nov.1988  

The times we've known are slipping by
Like vapour trails across the sky
The best of times, the worst of times
Have come and gone.

Years of debt, years of doubt
Years of 'what's it all about?'
Of holding on, and holding out
And holding on.

Life was hard and chances few
Still I was rich in having you
And people said we wouldn't go far
We went ahead and here we are.

Together still remembering
Together still through everything
The times we've known.

Sometimes the years were lush and green
Sometimes we lived on hope alone
A little bit of both have been
The times we've known.

Some lucky flings, some rotten breaks
Some funny things, a few mistakes
The dreams that every dreamer takes
And makes his own.

A time to laugh, a time to cry
A time to let the world go by
And if we had some tears to pay
We will pay them anyway.

Our times will end
Still we have some things to call our own
The times we've known
The times we've known. 

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1 Nov 1998 1 LES BONS MOMENTS (bootleg)