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Tragedy Of The Trade

Bob Dylan, Gerry Goffin, Barry Goldberg

winter 1995
    Studio Sessions (Take 2) (T-1063)

Gerry Goffin: Back Room Blood sessions, NYC - winter 1995  

A young girl dies in the gutter face down
Taxi driver pulls up to the curb, dies without a sound
Cop in a squad car ridin' round is nowhere to be found
Each one has seen his last
But we must let it pass
Too much money to be made
The tragedy of the trade.

And if you don't give ice to the mob
Life around here gets awful hard
You're likely to lose more than just a job
And if that aint bad enough
Times are getting so tough
Most people beggin to be underpaid
The tragedy of the trade.

Young man working for the fast food store
Sees a recuiting poster and goes off to war
I don't think he ever knew what he was fighting for
They play Taps and lower the flag
When they bring him home in a body bag
But don't you be dismayed
It's just the tragedy of the trade.

A baby cries in the ghetto morn'
Before he's five he'll wish he'd never been born
'Cause all society shows him is their hatred and their scorn
He knows he doesn't stand a chance
So he grows up with a gangster's stance
Just one more reason to be afraid
The tragedy of the trade.

Remember the hum of the factory town
Business was booming fo a thousand miles around
But they farmed out the work and let so many people down
I hear it happened just recently
Another change in our history
The billionaire's promenade
The tragedy of the trade.

The trade takes place around the world on a derelict street
Where the masters and the slaves often congregate to meet
They make deals - turn the big wheels
With starving children dying at their feet
The world's been run with Backroom Blood
Long before the time of the flood
And it's you who are betrayed
The tragedy of the trade.

If you still have innocence, better lock it in a vault
Once it was a virtue, but now it's a fault
Too many people waiting around just to rip you off
And as I understand
No one really gives a damn
It's not a game, but that's the way it's played
The scales of justice have really never been weighed
The tragedy of the trade. 

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